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Wildlife Wednesday!

This is my first post featuring images I have captured. I will share with you an image or set of images and tell the story behind them. Since these are wildlife photos, and today is Wednesday, I will call this segment Wildlife Wednesday.

This set of images was shot in October 2017. It features one of my favorite wildlife shots.

I'll be honest, this isn't a spectacular story by any means. The point of this post is to show that sometimes it doesn’t take any planning to get images you want. When an opportunity knocks, you need to be comfortable with your gear to get the shot.

This was my first close encounter with wildlife where I was able to get several good shots. In my experience, wildlife images usually fall into one of two categories: planned and researched or luck and good timing. This Red Fox encounter falls into the “luck and good timing” category.

I was driving north of Churchbridge on Highway 80 when I see this fox trotting alongside the road. I didn’t want to scare it away so I stopped about 100 feet away and waited for it to come towards me. The fox would stop and poke its head into the long grass every 10-20 feet, almost like it was searching for something, maybe a meal. 

october_2017_fox (180 of 188).jpg
october_2017_fox (79 of 188).jpg

The fox didn’t seem to be in a rush and gave me plenty of opportunity to capture some images as it came closer to me. It was about 50 feet away when it decided to cross the road and head back in the opposite direction. I figured this was the end of the photo op so I continued driving north. As I slowly drove passed the fox, it didn’t run away but kept slowly moving through the ditch. I decided to stop one more time and see if I could get a few more shots.

october_2017_fox (109 of 188).jpg

I set up same way I did earlier, giving the fox some room. I waited along side the road as the fox continued towards me. It was still weaving in and out of the long grass in the ditch. I captured the image below as the fox got too close for my lens to focus on it. It trotted right by me and turned into the field shortly after.

Below is the last image I shot of the fox and is also my favorite of the sequence.

Which of these images is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

october_2017_fox (186 of 188).jpg

All images were shot with a Canon 7d mark ii and Canon 400mm f/5.6.


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